Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Final Review of Workshops

Challenges of Bus TOD

The perception of the bus: buses are percieved as social service while rail is for everyone. A challenge for buses to overcome it. In a lot of places, there won't be rail or BRT

The fixed nature of bus routes versus rail

Do a better job with bus stops, have amenities, make them more of a place. The cost of constructing nice bus stops and maintaining them is a challenge

Transit at the table: A lot of transit agencies do not know what to do once they are at the table. Where do you go from there? What to ask for and how do you deal with it? Pace offered to do free reviews for developers. Collegial discussion on transit.

Design guidelines. Pace and AC Transit have design guideline manuals. In discussions for this, you need to look at the ped experience of the major development.

You really do need a champion

The challenge of greenfield development. How do you make sure the streets can handle transit options

How do you figure out how to pay for transit. Fee paid for by the residents of the future developments.

Patience, Persistence

Thinking Beyond the Station

Three Broad Things - 7 Points Listed in the Post Below.

Improvements Needed In Analytical Tools

Modelers tend to be in the position of providing one specific number:
How can something else be done?

Reliability - Giving people an idea of how good the number is
Probabilities - A range of numbers with the notion of the range will be the most probably outcome

What kind of people are there or will be in TODs. How do we get information about these people. Self selection. How willing some people are to do things like walk when they live near transit?

What characteristics are there about people who decide to live near transit. Captives vs. Choice? It's an illustritive example. Are the low income without cars by default or high income without car by choice?

Land use planning and transit planning together. Look at how decisions affect outcomes

Liability of the transportation system
Average User knowledge of the system
The Traffic Issue of TOD : focusing on both sides of the issue
How much development can we expect in TOD anyways?

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