Monday, August 27, 2007

All Along the Corridor, Hear You Sing Around the Station

Live Clog III: Return of the Clog

So here we are in the afternoon. We've got a fever, and the only prescription, is more TRB.

Dena Belzer

Transit Oriented Development, Potential and Outcomes | Presentation

Check out the Reconnecting America website for more information :)

What is TOD? A way to reduce auto dependence. Regional Connectivity, Financial Recapture and Low Cost Delivery of Riders.

Challenges of TOD
Tensions between place making and transit system needs
Transit alone does not drive local real estate investments

Planning for the TOD at different levels

The demand for housing or employment space is a top down endeavor at the regional level
Supply of TOD is local

System size matters.

Regions are networks of corridors: Planned and financed at the corridor levels. Real estate market can be accessed at the corridor level. Land use along a corridor.

Transit corridor types:

Commuter Corridor
District Circulator
Planned Growth Corridor
Destination Connection Corridor

The Hiawatha Light Rail Corridor: Opened April 2004

In 2006 ridership was over the 30 percent.

Destinations along the line: Downtown, Airport, Mall of America

Relatively limited development opportunity but 105 new projects were built, 11,931 New Housing Units
1 Million Square Feet of Commercial Development

Can't relax parking requirements without having another way for people to get around.

Ammenity extender, development community really responded to the line
Much of the square footage is happening in Bloomington down at the south end of the line.

Corridor could accommodate an additional 9,000 units.

The transit corridor scale provides an organizing force for real estate markets
Station area planning should start with an understanding of the corridor uses
Individual station area plans will underestimate market demand and thus could under deliver on transit ridership.

Question: What type of transit headways would allow for greater density?

Answer: We know there is a high correlation between transit density and housing density

Question: Is there a jump in bus line ridership with the light rail ridership

Answer: How much subsidy went into the housing along the line?
Questions: there were some but it was mostly the market.


Jeff Cassello

Land Use Impacts of New Bus and Subway Services | Presentation

Mode selection: How do you choose a mode?

The decision making process has been checked for too long based on the investment (capital)costs?

But really how much is the operating costs?

How does our mode selection influence our environment, land use and urban form

Choices generally break down between three: Bus, BRT, LRT

The flexibility of bus weakens its image while the rail system flexibility is an asset

Passenger attraction with fixed guideway

TCRP Literature Review

$1 Billion dollars claimed along the Ottowa BRT
$700 Million for the Silver Line: Not sure about the causality

An examination of the difference between the iXpress bus line linked below and the Sheppard Subway Line. Lots of charts in the Power Point.

Greater evidence of impact for commercial properties versus residential properties around transit.

For Toronto you can be more sure that the transit impacted the land use.


Bruce Appleyard

Retrofitting the Strip: Creating Bus-Oriented Corridors and Centers | Presentation

Wrote the Transportation and Land Use Connection. If you want to Purchase.

Creating transit oriented corridors.

Why an imbalanced Transportation and Land Use Connection?

Power mostly lies at the state level. To achieve the balance, we need state level action to create regional land use planning

Evolution of Strip Mall Corridors: Once critical for transport, supplanted by interstates, often left with excess capacity. Often Overzoned.

Pattern of first floor land use, primarily a result of existing zoning code.

The Rosslyn Ballston Corridor.

Buildings of the Arlington Corridor.

Bus Rapid Transit Corridors

Seattle, Adelaide, Charlotte

Retrofitting the Strip


Lots of photo montages in the presentation

Neighborhood dimensions of travel behavior: Density, diversity, design

Guiding Growth Intelligently

Urban Containment Typology
Weak Restrictive - California Colorado
Strong Restrictive - Boulder Colorado
Weak Accommodating
Strong Accommodating

Neighborhood Ds and 5th Diagram

Question: How do you effect a corridor without giving preferential treatment to developers etc. How can you change zoning for one developer and not another?

Answer: Giving them the tools before you create the corridor and allowing them to do what they want without having to go through all the hoops. Key thing is that you need to have growth pressure. Need to consolidate commercial so that it isn't scatter shot. Strengthen Conflict of Interest Laws.

Question: How do you take care in the work that you do in order to not oversell transit in the smaller markets that you work in?

Answer: One of the problems is that we are comparing studies that differs over time with the market. What role does congestion and the alternative mobility create. You have to look at the individual places, the role that connectivity and congestion plays. In a place where you have smaller markets, depends on how you can connect the destinations.


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